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Vida de este chico - Película -

If I had just one reason to tell you to rent this, it would be to watch this for the sheer joy of seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in his younger years, showing off his acting chops. That being said, it is also fascinating to watch this because Deniro plays one hell of a miserable warped bastard with a bad temper.

It seems his goal in life is to make everyone as miserable as he is. His character enjoys being a macho man, even if deep down inside, he is a hardly a man at all. While he enjoys making others miserable, his main focus is DiCaprio's character. This is based on a memoir and after viewing the movie I could not believe the author lived through this kind of life. The movie is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. The fact that it is a period piece the movie starts in the 50's is also a pleasure to watch, along with the songs of the era being played in the film's soundtrack.

After the movie I had to go online and read up on the author of this memoir. You may find yourself just as interested to see what becomes of a boy that loves his mother so dearly, that he always agrees to go along with her wishes just to make her happy. Wishes that he often knows are going to end up being nothing but heartache- for both of them. The mother is played by Ellen Barkin, who fits very well into the role of a lovely and attractive single Mom of the 50's.

Cine: Vida de este chico

One who has resigned herself to another bad decision she has made. This is the first movie I have seen of DiCaprio as a youngster, before he hit the 'Titanic' wave of fame. Deniro has played bad guys over the course of his movie career but nothing quite like this. I would consider it a character study between DiCaprio and Deniro because their characters are complete opposites and yet they are a constant presence to one another, which makes what Dicaprio has to endure unavoidable.

This is a true human interest story - a film that shows Dicaprio had great acting ability in him, even at a young age. These are just a few good reasons to consider viewing this movie.

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I first saw this way back when it was on a pay channel. I recorded it on tape, and took it over to a friends where we used to get drunk and laugh until tears. I think it was DiCaprio's first lead, and I must say he did a great job portraying "Jack". The story is loosely based on a true story of a writer who's teen years were a little rough because his mother Ellen Barkin never could get the right guy.

Vida de este chico, Tobías Wolff

Dwight seems to resent Jack, always chastising him, and picking on him. There's fights, and Jack makes some wild friends. His one really good friend is a " homo" named Arthur Gayle.

Many, many funny parts including Boy Scouts, Jack hogging chocolate cherries, and Dwight's saxophone playing. A teenaged Leonardo DeCaprio plays the son of a beautiful single mother in the late 's. She starts dating "Dwight" Robert DeNiro , who seems like a nice guy who wants to marry her. She accepts, and both mother and son move into his house, that has three of his kids and is in a rotten little town that has nothing in it to do. After they're married, Dwight's mask comes off and he's actually an SOB.

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He likes nothing better than to boss his family around, getting physical and handing out punishments, with an air about him of being a good husband and father. The wife is turned against him on their wedding night. DeCaprio is picked on constantly.

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He is a high-spirited teenager, who can sing all the songs on the radio, do imitations, and is a likeable kid. Knowing his only chance for a reasonable life is to get into a good college, he concentrates on the challenge with everything seeming to be blocking his way. Both DeCaprio and DeNiro are superb in this well-written, re-watchable movie.

Comenta esta Película

The main character, Tobias Wolfe, had every reason to grow up and be a loser: His hope sprang from motivation for better, more, perseverance, and determination. Leonardo DeCaprio's performance is breath taking. Is there a greater power or inspiration than truth? Ir a Amazon. Amazon Prime: Volver arriba. Gana dinero con nosotros. Todos los derechos reservados.

la vida de este chico La vida de este chico
la vida de este chico La vida de este chico
la vida de este chico La vida de este chico
la vida de este chico La vida de este chico
la vida de este chico La vida de este chico
la vida de este chico La vida de este chico

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